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How to embed a chatbot into your Notion pages
With this feature, you'll be able to embed an AI Chatbot into your Notion pages, so that your teams can take advantage of the content discovery.
Notion allows you to embed links, using the Embed block.
To embed a Userdesk AI Chatbot into a Notion page follow these steps:
  • go to Userdesk, select your chatbot, go to Widget, click on the share icon, and click on Chatbot standalone, copy the URL of the opened page
Get AI Chatbot Standalone link
  • go to Notion, open a page, and type /embed click on the Embed block option, and paste the Chatbot standalone URL
Embed AI Chatbot in Notion Page
The AI Chatbot should be visible now and your Notion workspace members can ask questions to it 🎉
Last modified 23d ago