Escalate to human

Sometimes your users need to contact humans to ask specific questions.

You can configure your AI Chatbot to show a button to escalate the conversation to a human. This is the final result:

When a user submits a request, you will receive an email with contact details, the whole conversation between the user and the AI Chatbot, and a link to the conversation (the Open conversation link at the bottom of the email).

How to enable Escalate to human

To create an Escalate to human action, you need to access your Chatbot configuration in Userdesk.

Click on the name of the Chatbot you want to configure on the left sidebar, click on Widget and activate Escalate to human.

You can configure all the labels you see in the widget so that you can adjust the tone of voice, or translate the labels in a language different than English.

You can configure:

  • Request support button

  • Title of the form

  • Description of the form

  • Confirmation button

  • Deny button

  • Thank you message

  • A set of emails to send the contact request to

  • Ask Name label

  • Ask Email label

  • Ask Phone label

Important: remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

How to integrate an external ticketing system

Most of you will use Userdesk to reply to customer requests (you can invite an unlimited number of support agents), but in case you still prefer to use an external platform, configure Support emails with the unified inbox email address of your ticketing system (like Zendesk).

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