Slack integration

With Userdesk, you can integrate an AI Chatbot right into your Slack workspace. This is particularly useful if you have a community, or your team members need to quickly find the answers to their questions.

By integrating Userdesk into Slack, all the members of the Slack workspace will get a special command `/userdesk ask [question]` to get an answer to a question from your AI Chatbot

To install Userdesk for Slack go to this page and click on the button Add to Slack.

Confirm the installation by clicking Allow.

Slack will automatically open, and you'll be on the Home tab of Userdesk for Slack.

Go to the Messages tab, you will receive a message like this

Click on the Click here link, it will redirect you to Userdesk. If you are not logged in, login into Userdesk, and click the "Click here" link again.

You need to have at least one AI Chatbot created in Userdesk to use the Slack integration.

If everything was correct, you can close the browser tab and return to Slack.

Click on the Select Active Chatbot dropdown and select your Chatbot from the list. Finally, click on the Submit button.

Your AI Chatbot is now linked and enabled on your Slack workspace! Use the `/userdesk ask [question]` command to ask anything to your AI Chatbot.

You're ready to give extra power to your community or team!

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